Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vacation all I ever wanted

All these pictures are from my visit in Asheville, except the horses. It was a personal trip goal of mine to pet a horse and feed it an apple. I was sooo close to that goal; we stopped in a city called Horse Cave in Kentucky just before sundown, and 2 miles off the exit we see these 3 nice horses way out in the field. Fred was nervous about approaching them because of potential angry farmers, but we checked it out anyways. I call out to these horses and wave my apple, after a short pause they come bounding toward me only to stop about midfield (where I took the photo) and look at eachother as if to say "you think this is cool? probs not, maybe?, but nahhhh" I call out to them in my best horse talk, wave the apple again and then they start up a shy trot toward me until Fred hears an angry neighbor announce our presence... so we dash off before I could meet these beasts but saw them go up to the fence to scope if we had left them a present.


  1. Are there horse tracks near Ypsilanti and if so is that something anyone might want to go to with me? Cigar smoking and wearing fancy would be involved. I don't know if that would your bag (or possibly something you're against) but it's all I've been thinking of for the past three weeks.

  2. There are horses on my street, just 6 miles down. I would be interested in petting/riding/feeding horses. I don't know of a horse track in the area but the other day I passed by a giant stadium for racecar driving on mich ave that sat there empty and ominous.