Friday, September 9, 2011


Proud and excited to have the second Kuma Tapes release, Izzy In Highland, ready for all to hear!

Suspended between audio documentary and personal letter, the sounds and songs of this tape read like a twenty minute window in, rather than solo ep. While Izzy plays through cmaj compositions and gentle ragas, the backdrop for these bold and fragmented songs is highland cemetery; a setting so evidently matched as the song birds, windswept grass, and dragonfly flight softly intimate dimensions close and serene, stoney and still. Don't forget to bring this tape on your next solo drive/toke out to highland cemetery.

Shipping Options:

This tape is an edition of thirty- so only thirty interested individuals and their friends will hear it, for realzys.


  1. i am digging this write-up! next time i see you or the ypsi music shelf im gonna buy one for sure