Monday, February 7, 2011

age of the dogs

I'm happy to announce the start of a new label and accompanying first release; Kuma Tapes 01//Damned Dogs is a thirty minute exploration of small-space recording and one-off methods of sound manipulation that, over the course of each recording session, developed into tenderly composed, experiential music. This is a collaborative project between Fred and I, and this tape is the product of two bedroom jam sessions. The first one being less composed, and the second having a more threaded line throughout. The original edition of thirty tapes is almost out before I could tell anyone about it, so I'm making another small run of this tape, this time with a different duplication method.

Thanks to Logan Schaedig and Chris Oposnow for lending us some equipment. Thanks to our friends for endless support. Here is some more coverage on the tape over at Life Like.

Track Listing:
1.Intro 2.Sparkling World 3.Starlight Beach 4.Run 5. Horizon Line 6.Dogma

You can purchase a copy here, or pick it up at one of these locations:
Cafe Ollie in depot town, and Encore in Ann Arbor.

US/Canada/Overseas Payment Options

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